Even In The Valley
Words and Music by Rebecca J. Peck and Amy Marie Unthank-Zika
© Copyright 2003 Thomas Peck Music (BMI)

Verse 1
High upon this mountain
The sun is shinning bright.
My heart is filled with gladness
here above the care of life,
but I’ve just come through the valley
of trouble, fear, and pain.
It was there I came to know my God
enough to stand and say,

Even in the valley God is good.
Even in the valley He is faithful and true.
He carries His children through like He said He would,
even in the valley God is good.

Verse 2
This road of life has led you
to a valley of defeat.
You wonder if the Father
has heard your desperate plea,
but there is hope in the rugged place
where tears of sorrow dwell.
Can’t you hear Him gently whispering,
“I’m here and all is well.”

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