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“Thank You” – Clay Crosse

“Without The Cross” – Dottie Peoples

“No One Else” – Babbie Mason

“Give It To Jesus” – Karen Peck & New River

“When Heaven’s Joy is Mine” – The Hoppers

“Who Will Pray” – The Talley Trio

“This Poor Man Cried” – Gold City

“From A Georgia Battlefield” – Balsam Range

“I’ve Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken” – The Kingsmen

“Your Presence For Christmas” – Sisters

“Wildflower” – The Booth Brothers

“Just Stand” – The Hagees with Marty Raybon

“Redeeming the Time” – The Kingdom Heirs

“That’s My King” – Sue Dodge

“Prayer Meeting” – The Mylon Hayes Family

“Singing As I Go” – The Chuck Wagon Gang

“Talk to the Lord About it” – The Talleys

“Fight to the Finish” – The Kingsmen

“Bearing Precious Seed” – The McKameys

“I’ve Made It Home” – The Anchormen

“Out of the Grave” – Old Paths

“Out of the Grave” – LeFevre Quartet

“How Great the Debt” – LeFevre Quartet

“That’s What I Call Love” – Jimmy Fortune

“When He Comes Again” – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

“Treasures In Heaven” – Jubilee 3 (Greater Vision, Booth Brother, Legacy Five)

“Jesus Can Change Your Life” – The Mylon Hayes Family

“The Master’s Table” – The Booth Brothers

“Little Baby Boy” – The Kingdom Heirs

“That’s Why We Sing About Heaven” – The Greenes

“The Old Time Way” – The Old Time Preachers Quartet

“I Have a Great Savior” – The McKameys

“Expect the Unexpected” – The Kingdom Heirs

“So Glad It Rained” – Hope’s Call

“The Coming of the Lord” – The Mylon Hayes Family

“Keep Travelin’ On” – The Chuck Wagon Gang

“Nevertheless” – The Whisnants

“What You Talk On Sunday” – The Hoppers

“If You Died Tonight” – The Carolina Boys

“O Beautiful Home” – The Hayes Family

“I Met The Lord on Damascus Road” – Providence Quartet

“Brother Naaman” – Brittni Ward

“The Answer” – The Pfeifers

“It Took The Cross” – The Browns

“It’s Not Too Late To Pray” – The Collingsworth Family

“The Gospel Truth” – Gold City

“Jesus Speaking Peace To My Soul” – The Booth Brothers

“What The Lord Has Done For Me” – The Whisnants

“I Don’t Understand It, But It Does” – The Talley Trio

“Love Still Calls” – The Pfeifers

“Did You Pray?” – The Hayes Family

“Firmly Committed” – The Specks

“Listening For The Trumpet” – The Lesters

“Saving Us a Place in the Choir” – The Kingdom Heirs

“I’ve Never Gotten Over Gettin’ Saved” – The Inspirations

“At His Feet” – The Inspirations

“Kneel at the Cross” – The Inspirations

“Jesus Picked a Rose” – The Inspirations

“Never Be Thirsty Again” – The Hayes Family

“The Blessed Hope” – The LeFevre Quartet

“Hosanna in the Highest” – The Browns

“Rhythm of Grace” – Testify

“He Still Does It All” – The Pfeifers

“Hold Up The Light” – The Jay Stone Singers

“All Along” – Jennifer LaMountain

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