Rebecca Peck has the undeniable gift for communicating the Truth of Christ in song.  Her lyrics reflect God in a very personal and profoundly moving way.  I often use poetry or lyrics to help convey or reiterate a spiritual truth, and her music has blessed my ministry with an invaluable treasure trove of inspiration to draw from.  I have both experienced and witnessed firsthand her words and melodies resonate into hearts, inspiring faith and trust in a God, who truly offers “victory for the claiming.”  Take time to listen!  I believe you will be blessed and challenged by the Christ honoring, Spirit anointed music of Rebecca Peck. 

Dr. Jim Rolen
Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church
Tullahoma, TN

We recently had the privilege of being ministered to by Tom & Rebecca Peck and family in the services at Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington. We have been blessed by their godly, spirit-filled, and very anointed music ministry that provides choir, ensemble, and special music arrangements. But, we had them personally minister to our congregation in a special evening concert, and then again all day Sunday in the services. What a blessing these dear folk were, and we can’t wait to do it again! It’s so difficult today to find the right kind of music for our choir, ensembles, and special music, and ever harder to find someone to sing them. Tom & Rebecca knew exactly how to use the ministry of music to magnify the Lord and exhort God’s people. We highly recommend them to you, you’ll be so blessed.

Pastor Mark Smith
Faith Baptist Church, Tacoma WA

Recently we had the privilege of having Tom and Rebecca Peck with us during our service.  Our choir sings many of Rebecca’s songs. It was very special to have the author of the songs we sing to join us and even sing along with our choir. To say that they added to our service would be an understatement. God greatly used Rebecca’s singing and testimony to bless our hearts. There is definitely a special anointing on her writing and singing. The fellowship with this dear family was very refreshing and encouraging.  We also had the blessing of having 2 of their children Rachel and Ethan as well.  The entire family has a wonderful spirit. I highly recommend this family and their music ministry to you and your church. I cannot say enough about the evident hand of God on this family and their ministry. Our church is already looking forward to their soon return.

Thank you to the Peck family for being such a blessing to this Pastor and our congregation!

In Christ,
Matt Dibler, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Statham, Georgia

The first word that comes to mind when hearing the name Rebecca Peck is – “gifted”. God has given her some extra-special abilities as a songwriter, singer and pianist. Plus, she is a sweet and sincere believer with all the right motives for doing what she does. She’s great!

Tom Fettke
Producer, Writer, Publisher

As a Minister of Music, I am constantly looking for music that is “Bible Based” and fits our description of what we call “Life Application” songs. Songs that point people to the very One who can make a difference in their lives.  We have found those very things in the music written and arranged by Rebecca Peck and her family. I think we have every choral arrangement she has made available.  We use many of her songs for trios and our three Young Ladies Ensembles (Middle School, High School and College).  The girls love her music.  Rebecca and Tom have been here with us at Rock Springs several times.  Just recently she and Tom spent two days with us doing a choir recording. I had Rebecca share a few minutes with our choir. She truly blessed and inspired our people. Her music is truly a blessing to any size church choir.  Our prayer is for Peck Music to continue putting out great songs for the Gospel.  We in turn for sure will keep using them. Thank you Rebecca and Tom for what you do for us music guys.  You bless my heart!

Don Gibson
Minister of Music
Rock Springs Baptist Church, Easley SC

What an incredible joy it is to work with Rebecca and her heart-felt songs! Every time (I mean every time) I’ve asked her to contribute something that might fit into a musical or choral collection, she comes through … big time! She just gets it. Clearly, she’s a daughter of the King, with a heart for the Church, reflecting the spirit of the Master Artist.

Marty Parks
Arranger, Orchestrator, Writer

Rebecca Peck was like a breath of fresh air to our music ministry and church. Tom and Rebecca were kind enough to come for a music ministry weekend, and they were such a blessing to me, our singers, players, and everyone who attended the service. God has given Rebecca a gift to write some of the greatest gospel music of today, but He has also given her a tremendous ability to love and encourage those who are active in church music. If you desire to have an event that will spiritually encourage and inspire your music ministry team, then you need to call the Pecks and schedule them. It’s now been a few weeks since our weekend with them, and our people are still talking about it. They continue to feel the spiritual impact of that weekend. Praise the Lord! What else could a music minister ask for?

Rev. Sam Harris | Minister of Music
Parkers Chapel Free Will Baptist Church
Greenville | North Carolina

Our choir and orchestra enjoy sharing the music of Rebecca Peck; music that clearly lifts up the name of the Lord.  Even more so is the privilege of having Rebecca with us for a Praise and Worship service.  Her stories about her songs and her beautiful solos make the songs come even more alive with praise and worship.  What a wonderful worship experience; I highly recommend Rebecca to come to your church to lead worship.

Michael W. Morgan
Indian Springs Baptist Church
Kingsport, TN

Rebecca Peck, in my estimation, is one of the finest, most prolific composers of Christian Music today. Her music has warmth, heart and touches the very soul of the listener. Rebecca is also a tremendous worship leader and has a great gift of flow and sensitivity in leading worship.

I highly recommend the talents and gifts of Rebecca and Tom Peck! Their servant leadership and commitment to excellence is a blessing to all of us in Christian ministry.

Phil Barfoot
Christian Copyright Alliance

What a tremendous night of worship we had with the Riverview Celebration Choir along with award winning songwriter Rebecca Peck.  Every Pastor longs for those services where there is not doubt the people have met with God.  You combine Rebecca’s humble spirit, outstanding voice, powerful song lyrics, with an excited choir… You WILL HAVE CHURCH!  A night of praise with Rebecca Peck will be a highlight of the year for any church.

Pastor Allen Guyer
Riverview Baptist Church
Savannah, TN

They can not get any better than Rebecca. She is Tops !!  She is an inspiration to all and a model of Integrity.

Dr. Jerry Spencer

The choral music of Rebecca Peck has certainly been a refreshing addition. The theologically meaningful texts are wedded with beautiful tunes that are very accessible for any size choir. What’s even better is that Rebecca and Tom are accessible to speak with you personally. Earlier this year we hosted Tom and Rebecca for a Sunday concert of her music. The church loved hearing some of the backgrounds of the songs before the choir presented them and the choir really enjoyed getting to know the hand and heart of the one who has written so many beautiful songs. As a plus, Rebecca’s warm, engaging personality along with her beautiful solo voice both contributed to a worshipful day. 

Brian Jemison
First Baptist Church
Jackson, Alabama

As a Music Pastor, I am always searching for music that is “scripturally sound” and gives Jesus praise and honor. I have found that very thing in music written and arranged by Rebecca Peck and her family. Rebecca has blessed our hearts at Green River Baptist Church over the past few years with her music and even came to Waynesboro, TN to visit us when we introduced one of her new songs to our congregation. She blessed us with her beautiful music and testimony, as well. Even if she weren’t such a gifted writer, she would be a blessing to all with her beautiful voice. Her music is truly a blessing to small church choirs of 45 or 50 members (like mine) and even smaller and/or larger choirs. I pray God will continue to anoint the Peck’s as they serve Him! They are God’s special musicians!

Larry Littlefield
Green River Baptist Church
Waynesboro, TN

The Bible clearly shows us that every good and perfect gift comes from above….that The Lord gives various talents and various amounts of talents to people.  To Rebecca Peck, The Lord gave an immeasurable amount of talent to not only write, but to also sing, play, and lead others to the throne of grace in worship.  Rebecca’s songs speak directly to the heart of all those who listen….regardless of its an individual in their car listening to the radio or a congregation worshipping The Risen Saviour on Sunday morning.  She has a majestic voice with the unique ability to deliver a song with both power and emotion.  Her piano mastery is second to none.  We love having Rebecca lead worship at Yellow Creek and its always a pleasure to hear the talent The Lord has blessed her with.

Phillip Chambers
Yellow Creek Baptist Church
Cumberland City, TN

It doesn’t take long, after listening to demos of their music or exploring their website, to realize that the members of the Peck family are gifted musicians, who are devoting their lives to honoring the Lord with their musical skills and talents.  As the Worship Minister of an evangelical church with a choir and orchestra, it is encouraging to know that they are advocates for choral music in worship and that they produce music with Biblical content and “heart.”  It has been easy and pleasant to work with Peck Music Publishing, and we will continue to look forward to their new choral releases.

Terry Jolley
Minister of Music & Worship
Northside Baptist Church
Murfreesboro, TN

It was a pleasure to have Tom, Rebecca and Rachel at Lupton Drive Baptist Church this past weekend. They met with the choir for dinner followed by a mini workshop on Saturday evening which the choir enjoyed very much. Rebecca worked with the choir on a couple of songs which she performed with the choir in the worship service Sunday morning. She also performed solos at the piano during the morning service. Their love for the local church was evident. Our congregation was very blessed.  I received many favorable compliments.  They are welcome back any time. 

Mark Lawson
Music Director
Lupton Drive Baptist

Charttanooga, TN

I was thrilled when asked to say something about Rebecca, whom we fondly call Becky, concerning her life and the music she has contributed to so many lives.

Not being blood kin, I really have known Becky in a personal way for only a few years. She is a close cousin to my wife, so I know the Godly heritage she was born into. The grandfather my wife and her mother, Evelyn, shares was an old time “circuit riding preacher.” Throughout “Grandpa’s” ministry he not only preached in all those North Carolina, Virginia mountain churches, but he taught Singing Schools as well. Because of those schools, my wife learned to play the piano and sing those shaped notes as a little girl. As he passed the love for music down the generations, Becky’s grandparents joined in and started the Mount Vernon Quartet. They raised another generation of singers called the “Goodwill Quartet”. This group sang on the local radio station as well as church revivals and singings for many years. On down the line to her Uncle’s family and group, “The Hayes Family,” and then brings us the current time in which we have the talented “Rebecca Peck, and Peck Music Publishing” still contributing to the messages in song of the truth that has been instilled in her for many generations. Knowing her and listening to the lyrics that comes from her heart, has let me know the depth of the truths she knows that is taken right from the pages of God’s Word. There is no doubt in my mind, she is raising up another generation to carry those same glorious words in song to feed and edify the saints and convict the sinners. To know her and Tom in the exciting journey of their contribution to gospel music and knowing them in their humility and graciousness, has truly made me proud to know them in a personal way. I recommend to churches anywhere and everywhere to use their resources which can only multiply the worship of our Lord. The entirety of the Peck family is easy to get acquainted with and are available to be a blessing through gospel song.

Evangelist Dana Williams